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This registry is a place for researchers to post the surnames of their Clinton County families. If you are researching the same surname, you may find a contact who can provide a lead. They may even be a distant cousin.

If you are researching Clinton County families and want to post your surnames here, contact the site coordinator. Please remember this is a surname registry, not a detailed family genealogy. Please limit your submission to one ancestor per surname, such as the immigrant ancestor.

Please include as much of the information as you can, as listed in the column headings below. The "Lifespan" is the year of birth and death, while the "Township" is the Clinton County township where your ancestor lived.

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Surname Registry

SurnameGiven NameLifespanSpouse TownshipResearcher
Bennett Espy 1806 - 1878 Mary Dillingham   Linda Hansen
Buechel Anton 1809 - 1875 Maria Anna Heimermann Westphalia Mike Voisin
Castner William 1806 - 1895 Sarah Welter Ovid/
Charles W. Paige
Desprez John Peter 1859 - 1942 1) Mary E. Matter
2) Catherine L. Pettit
  Denise Desprez Nielsen
Doyen Alfred 1844 - 1904 Mary E. Bingham Julie Peters
Gibbs Maud Lillian 1888 - 1970 David Benjamin Iler   Tamara L. Host
Green Josiah 1813 - 1874 Clarissa Dallas Paula Bedell
Hawkins Benjamin 1800 - ? Betsey Duplain George Bailey
Holley Ralph W. 1828 - 1900 1) Margaret Naylor
2) Maryette Alger/Briggs
Olive Julie Peters
Gay Thomas 1812 - 1899 1) Mary Allen
2) Jane Allen/Lanning
Riley Julie Peters
Haviland Jacob 1806 - 1887 Rebekham Coraell Bath Gail Mance
Hooker Isreal 1796 - ? Clarrissa Bixby   Hope Engelmann
Jardot Julius   Jennie Peltier DeWitt Amy de la Bruere
Keating Catherine Woodward 1829 - 1896 1) William Moore
2) Patrick Keating
Ovid Mike Fero
Kinney Andrew 1844 - 1913 Isabelle Moore Ovid Mike Fero
Kyes Seymour 1827 - 1908 Sophia Winans Dewitt Ron Kyes
Lackey Abraham 1793 - 1866 Sophia Blanchard Riley Barbara Lesser
Lathrop Joseph B 1822 - 1901 Clarissa Lackey (St. Johns) Barbara Lesser
Linda M. Lathrop
Lewis William Earl 1880 - 1961 Emma Etta Johnson Ovid Keith Butler
Lott Peter     DeWitt Area Clarence Lott
McNaughton Burton 1869 - 1926 Alzina Cox   cmcavner
Moore         Mike Fero
Munger John 1862-1944 Jennie Campbell St. Johns Deb Elliott
Munger Rollie 1897-1984 Gladys Reed St. Johns Deb Elliott
Murphy Mary Ann-nee Wells 1825 - 1912 1) Thomas Ward
2) Allen A. Murphy
Bath Helen L
Murphy Mildred Aline 1910 - 1970 August L. Shank Greenbush Cynthia Walters Shank
Neal Thomas 1760 - 1841     Hope Engelmann
Peacock William 1820 - 1888 1) Milison Tilor
2) Salina [unknown]
Bath Michael Peacock
Pohl Nicolas I. 1795 - >1883 Anna Catharina Mauren Westphalia Mike Voisin
Rademacher Heinrich 1806 - ? Maria Gertrude Esch Westphalia Mike Voisin
Robison /
Harmon ? - 1892 Susan Lackey Riley Barbara Lesser
Robison Martin T 1823 - 1893 Lovina Lackey Essex Barbara Lesser
Russell Joseph 1788 - 1850 Jane Neal   Hope Engelmann
Setterington Horatio 1867-1900 Lavinia Duplain George Setterington
Shank August L. 1904 - 1963 Mildred Aline Murphy Greenbush Cynthia Walters Shank
Shepard William H. 1815 – 1890   Shepardsville
and Ovid
Susan Shepard
Smith William H. 1842-1926 Olive Brown of Vernon, MI Bingham, St. Johns, Vernon Deb Elliott
Stanton Hiram William 1799 - 1860 Catharine Duplain George Bailey
Stark Henry Mead 1793 - 1885 Fanny Perry Ferguson Eagle Tim Stark
Swiler Lafayette 1830 - 1906 Eliza Jane Copenhaver Eagle Pam Swiler
Tucker Lucina Rew 1809 - 1895 Samuel Dewitt Clarinda Rew Troemel
Ward Ira 1865 - 1947 Sophronia Eldridge Riley Helen L
Warner Chester 1827 - 1895 Mary Etta (Satterlee) Warner Stoddard Lebanon Mary Jo Warner
Weed Betsey 1820 - 1900 Edward Simmons DeWitt Wayne Simmons
Wells         Bonita Hillmer
White Henry Franklin 1815 - 1896 Sabrina Munger Lebanon Richard Kretzschmar
Wing Jason 1828 - 1896 1) Juila Bixby(?)
2) Nora Moon
Bath Gail Mance
Yuncker Jacob P. 1837 - 1905 Anna Margaret Pohl Westphalia Mike Voisin




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